horn torus - one code rules space, time and physical objects


The horn torus helps to understand our ‘real world’. But note: horn tori are not real, they don’t occur as figures in reality, regardless how you define reality. No actual model of nature comprises all aspects of experienceable reality. We indeed possess lots of mathematical descriptions for all single realized physical processes and apply them very successfully, but no one describes all in one big idea, and furthermore there is a lack of appropriate images which illustrate physical objects and processes in a way that they match the human thought structure and our mental capability.
Here starts the relevance of horn tori. The associated model, described on the web link below, tries to fill this lack of imagery, which most of us need for a good understanding. It’s not a theory but an allegoric representation. The consistent theory, based on this horn torus model, is a currently running project.
The dynamised horn torus illustrates in an easily intelligible pictorial way the big mysteries in our comprehension of reality: intrinsicality of time, space and physical objects, continuum vs. discrete nature of space, metrisation of space, origin and cause for quantization, minimum (Planck) values, constancy of lightspeed, maximum value c, non-locality of quantum processes, entanglement, arrow of time, determinism, causality, …
A lot of thoughts, texts, images and animations concerning the horn torus model are provided on following link, as a kind of intellectual game, first to exercise imaginative power, to improve abstract thinking and to generate lots of aha moments, then as proposal for a different approach to physical questions, and finally as part of an interdisciplinary art project: